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Path of the Heart Through Winter

November 29, 2012 at 7:56 pm UTC

Hundreds of gorgeous poems and essays have been submitted for next week’s concert in London, including this beauty by Sally Goodwin:

Path of the Heart Through Winter

Oh how I long for thee…..

Warmth of the sun
spirited us to bliss.
The endless hazy days
of Summer time.

This Turning from light to dark.
Day to night.
Signals the slowing down.
……An invitation to dive deep

Retreat to renew the spirit.
One small step of now not maybe.
Whispers in the silence.
Voices from the heart.

Darkness envelops the steadying beat.
Quieter, quieter still.
Time to come close
and wait a while.

Oh how I long for thee…..

Leap from the heart.
Listen to the longing.
What is it that I long for?

Heart time.
Restoring time.
Quiet yet true.
Compassion for you
and you and you.

From stillness comes motion
the call to embrace.
Inky blue skies and bright shining stars.
First footsteps in the snow.

Solitude to reunion.
pulled from the depths
shining bright, anew,
Comfort & Joy.

Breathe together.
Warm together.
Rest Together.
Be together.

Winter warmed with bellows of loving breath.

Oh how I long for thee and thee and thee…….


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