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The Eric Whitacre Scholarship

October 10, 2009 at 2:50 am UTC

I am truly proud to announce the Eric Whitacre Scholarship, graciously sponsored by DCINY.

It’s all pretty simple: DCINY and I will choose four singers (one from each voice part, SATB) to sing with me in the Carnegie Hall performance of my Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings. (June 15th, 2010).

Those four singers will have their entire performance fee ($590.00) waived.  In addition, all four will join me at my table for dinner at the post-concert gala, which will take place at a swanky New York restaurant immediately following the performance.

The only application you will need will be your Virtual Choir Lux Aurumque video. Once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube, just put the word “scholarship” in the description and in the tags. That way we will know that you would like to be considered.

If you’ve already posted your video, just add the word “scholarship” now. And if you’ve already signed up for the trip and paid your money to perform, that money will be refunded in full if you are awarded the scholarship.

The criteria is simple as well: we’re looking for strong, pure singing; musicality; and passion. I know that all of you have all those qualities in abundance, so it’s going to be a tough call picking just four singers.

Here is a video that DCINY and MK8 media made to accompany the announcement, and I think it nicely encapsulates the reason I wanted to establish a scholarship: Once, long ago, a single teacher took a chance on me, believed in me, and changed my life forever. I’d love nothing more than to do the same for four outstanding singers.

Good luck!


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