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The Sleep Experiment: REPOST of the Score

May 19, 2009 at 4:35 am UTC

Here is the re-post of the individual parts. I ended up using Sam’s engravings. (Big thanks again to everyone who contributed).

A couple more thoughts:

1) No problem if you want to sing with a few friends or even your entire chorus. Just remember, you’ve all got to be synched to the Polyphony recording.

2) If someone would like to record a conductor track, go for it. I’ll record one the next time we do this (when I write an original piece for the virtual choir).

3) I’m learning a lot just watching this process, so when we do this again with the original piece we’ll have all the kinks worked out. For this experiment, don’t sweat it too much. It’s not going to be perfect. Let’s just have fun with it and use it to learn about the next one.






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