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The Stolen Child World Premiere (With Recording!)

April 18, 2008 at 12:13 am UTC

My God… what a gorgeous night.

The King’s Singers; The National Youth Choir of Great Britain; Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

Backstage, there weren’t enough dressing rooms, so they crammed us in together:

Yes, that would be me sharing a room with John Rutter and Bob Chilcott. Beyond cool. And it turns out John Rutter is a party animal:

Then me with the boys:

That’s Paul without the coat. He also has a brand new blue Porsche. They’re all impossibly cool, and down to earth, and all of the things you wouldn’t expect from such a legendary group. And you really can’t believe how good these guys are. I honestly had several moments while working with them where my only thought, over and over, was, “Oh. My. God.”

And the Youth Chorus is hands down one of the best choirs I’ve ever worked with, professional, amateur, young, old. And all of that is because of their incredible founder and conductor, Maestro Mike Brewer (OBE).

And then came the premiere, in what is arguably the most beautiful concert hall in the U.K.:

And another shot, from way up:

All in all, one of the great nights of my musical life, and a reminder that while the writing of a piece is mostly an awful experience, hearing it beautifully performed in a stunning hall makes it all worth it.

And here it is, the world premiere of The Stolen Child:


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