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The YouTube Phenomenon

January 4, 2008 at 2:07 am UTC

I admit it, I’m a total youtube junkie. And I love love love the videos that are being inspired using my music, either concert versions of my pieces or original ‘concept’ videos with the music as underscoring. I’m going to start posting some of the vids here and discussing my favorites.

This first post, then, must be devoted to Courtney, who posted this incredible video of herself singing the climax to Sleep:

I had seen this several months before she wrote me a message here, and I just adored it. It’s so tender, and sweet, and real. I was truly touched the first time I saw it, still am.

And then someone posted this, and I laughed my frickin’ head off:

I didn’t see it as a slam on Courtney, more as a very, very funny tribute. And Courtney should feel great that she’s already inspired at least one imitator. And that’s the magic of youtube, all of this passion and inspiration unhinged.


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