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This Sunday Morning, A Great Interview on the BBC

June 25, 2008 at 3:48 am UTC

The Choir, a BBC 3 radio show in Britain, did an incredibly detailed interview with me a couple of weeks ago. (I was in Los Angeles and they were in London). Here’s the official blurb:

Eric Whitacre on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Choir’

29 June 2008 18:30-20:00 BST (10:30 a.m. PST/1:30 EST)

Join Eric on BBC Radio’s flagship choral show ‘The Choir’ when he’ll be talking to reknowned singer and presenter Aled Jones. Eric discusses his career to date, everything from his epiphany as a choral composer during his college days to his latest choral projects. Listen live at

You can listen in live (just follow the link), or the BBC will archive it for seven days after it broadcasts. They asked me about everything: How I got my start; How do I compose; Do I credit God with my ability to write music; etc. It was a fascinating, incredibly literate interview, and I’ve already promised Aled (the terrific host) and Michael (the terrific producer) that I’ll be buying the first several beers when I meet them in person in London this summer.


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