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This Weekend: The World Premiere of "Animal Crackers, Volume II" in NYC

March 13, 2009 at 1:07 am UTC

God help us all.

I’ve written another volume of Animal Crackers, three more musical settings of those timeless animal poems by Ogden Nash:

The song of canaries
Never varies.
And when they’re molting
They’re pretty revolting.

I don’t mind eels
Except as meals.
And the way they feels.

O Kangaroo, O Kangaroo,
Be grateful that you’re in the zoo,
And not transmuted by a boomerang
Into zestful tangy Kangaroo meringue.

The premiere will take place on Sunday at Avery Fisher hall in my first concert with DCINY. (The concert will include a bunch of my pieces, including the first volume of Animal Crackers). If you’re in town on Sunday, and just can’t get enough of totally ridiculous, way way way over the top choral and piano settings of pithy animal poetry conducted by the composer, well it ain’t going to get any better than this.

Here’s a video of the first volume:


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