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Virtual Choir: The 2010 Soprano Scholarship

March 20, 2010 at 2:29 pm UTC

Oof – another terrific group of singers; very difficult to choose. Sopranos, you most certainly rock the free world.

Listening to all of the videos I think I understood for the first time just how difficult the soprano part to Lux Aurumque is. (Yes, I know the other parts aren’t a walk in the park, either). It requires such breath control, and it sits in a tricky part of the register, and those vowel changes are brutal. So glad I don’t have to sing it. ;-)

Please say hello to your 2010 soprano scholarship winner, Ms. Julie Pajuheshfar from Henderson, Nevada. (Nice shirt, Julie). And again, to all of the sopranos: bravissima! Beautiful, clear voices all around.


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