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Virtual Choir: The Lux Aurumque Conductor Track

October 7, 2009 at 3:52 am UTC

OK gang, here we go again…

Here is the conductor track for the next chapter in our Virtual Choir project, Lux Aurumque.

Making the conductor track was a strange experience for me personally. The production crew set up the cameras and left the room, and I conducted through the entire piece in total silence, hearing only the ‘ideal’ version in my head. Then I went back to the video and played the piano part over my silent conductor track. That was especially difficult, and weird: the Eric-piano-player playing for the Eric-the-conductor on a piece that Eric-the-composer wrote ten years ago.

So watch the video and make sure you understand the instructions before you begin; it’s essential that we hear the BEEP on your video. (If you watch the instructions you’ll know what I am talking about).

Choose your voice part (Soprano I, II, or III; Alto I or II; Tenor I or II; Bass I or II).

If you want to audition for the soprano solo, make a SEPARATE video and sing only the first 8 measures.

If you need the sheet music, you can order it from If someone out there would like to engrave four separate vocal parts, SATB like we did for Sleep, I’ll post them here for download.

When you upload your video to youtube, make sure it says ERIC WHITACRE VIRTUAL CHOIR: LUX in the title, as well as your voice part.

The deadline for submissions will be DECEMBER 1st, so be sure and post your videos by then. And this time, seriously: no excuses. This project will be one for the history books, and you are just a big dumb-dumb if you don’t participate. All the cool kids are doing it.

Our goal this time is to take the whole thing to the next level and try to create a truly musical experience, a graceful and delicate performance full of passion and life and light. Share your voices and your souls with the world!


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