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Virtual Choir News – We’re Nearly There

December 29, 2010 at 3:44 pm UTC

OK gang, because of terrible weather on the East Coast and in Europe that is affecting travel, we have had a number of singers ask us to extend the deadline for the Virtual Choir so they can get to a computer, record and upload. If you can upload by the end of 31 December please do as WE ARE SO CLOSE TO OUR GOAL! We have over 800 videos so far with 40 countries represented. Please make your video, and please tell anyone you know who might be interested. WE CAN DO THIS!!! If you cannot upload by 31 December then we will accept videos next week as we start production. The very latest we can accept is 10 January, but if you can send them sooner, please do.

If you have already uploaded a video, please, please make sure you have put in the right info for Google Earth. If you don’t want your address, just choose the biggest city in your country. WE WANT YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY TO BE REPRESENTED!


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