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FeaturesSeptember 26, 2013

My Choral Manifesto, Sinfini Music

“Choral music has more participants in the community than any other form of music-making. The truth is that singing is the most ancient art form and plugs deep into our psyche as humans.” Read the full article on Sinfini Music.

TVJuly 12, 2013

The One Show (BBC) feature Virtual Choir 4

The One Show (BBC) have documented the Coronation Festival 2013, which saw the first live performance of Virtual Choir 4 Fly to Paradise. Link no longer available.

CD ReviewsJuly 09, 2013

The Observer, ‘Sainte Chapelle’ review, July 2013

“From modest beginnings the music unfurls to become ever more complex, rich and rewarding. Another hit from the charismatic Mr Whitacre.” ‘Sainte Chapelle’  review, Stephen Pritchard in the Observer (UK)  

FeaturesMay 05, 2013

Arkiv Music, Whitacre Inc.

Whitacre Inc. The Practical tactics of an ethereal composer. Read the full article on

CD ReviewsMay 05, 2013

BBC Music Mag, Sainte Chapelle 5 star Review

“This Whitacre piece, inspired by a Parisian chapel, was written for the Tallis Scholars’ 40th anniversary, and is stunningly effective. Available on iTunes just days after its premiere, this is modern technology at its finest.” ***** Sainte Chapelle 5 star Review, Terry Blain in BBC Music Mag (UK)

FeaturesMay 03, 2013

Chorus America: On Tour with the Eric Whitacre Singers

The Eric Whitacre Singers recently made its debut U.S. tour in March, organized and presented by Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY.) Chorus America asked four of the Singers to provide some insight into life on the road, performing in American venues, and working with a choral “rock star.” Read the full article on

Concert ReviewsApril 20, 2013

Limelight, Eric Whitacre in concert

“Making his Melbourne debut last weekend, Whitacre conducted a program of orchestral and choral music in Monash University’s Robert Blackwood Hall for an audience that was by turns thrilled, delighted, moved and amused, but never less than completely enthralled.” Read the full article on

Concert ReviewsApril 17, 2013

Theatre Press, Eric Whitacre in concert

Utterly beguiling “Overall his show was a delight. The choir sang beautifully, and the orchestra were seamless. Watching Eric Whitacre conduct was mesmerizing: it was like watching some strange bird dance in the wild, with flowing hand gestures and occasional little stamps and backside twists. The beauty of Whitacre is that he was so engaging… continued

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