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RadioSeptember 22, 2014

CBC Choral Connections

Eric Whitacre is probably the world’s top choral composer right now. And with good reason. His music is full of rich, satisfying harmonies. It’s fun to sing, and not all that difficult, so it can make even an amateur choir sound rich and... continued

RadioMarch 20, 2013

The Choir, BBC Radio 3

Eric Whitacre – From Monteverdi to Whitacre

Eric Whitacre introduces a selection of choral music ranging from Monteverdi and Bach to 21st century classics, including his own music, sung by the Eric Whitacre Singers, and talks about what... continued

RadioDecember 30, 2010

BBC Radio 4 Today December 2010

James Inverne of Gramophone speaks about why British choirs are the best, with a mention of Eric Whitacre. Audio clip of Lux Aurumque.

Time stamp: 1:45:25

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