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In The NewsJune 12, 2023

Interview on BBC Radio 4 Front Row

Eric talks to Samira Ahmed from BBC Radio 4’s Front Row about his new album ‘Home’ with vocal ensemble VOCES8.

Listen to the full episode on BBC Sounds.

RadioMay 09, 2023

Interview with WQXR

Eric spoke to Quentin Neroes from WQXR to talk about his new album ‘Home’ with VOCES8.

Eric Whitacre’s latest record, Home, is a powerful display of the beauty of his music as performed by VOCES8… VOCES8 not only brought to fruition the music he originally... continued

RadioFebruary 17, 2023

BBC Radio 3: In Tune

Eric joins Sean Rafferty in the studio to introduce the two new singles, All Seems Beautiful to me and Child of Wonder, from his upcoming album ‘Home’ with VOCES8.  Listen now

RadioAugust 05, 2020

BBC World Service

“As Covid-19 has swept the world we’ve become used to seeing musicians in lockdown presenting videos of virtual performances. But for the Grammy-award winning American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre, the idea of a virtual choir is... continued

RadioAugust 05, 2020

NPR’s All Things Considered

“Here’s a surprising statistic: According to a survey by Chorus America, one in six Americans, or 54 million people, sing in choral groups, whether that’s community, school and children’s choirs, religious groups or professional... continued

RadioSeptember 22, 2014

CBC Choral Connections

Eric Whitacre is probably the world’s top choral composer right now. And with good reason. His music is full of rich, satisfying harmonies. It’s fun to sing, and not all that difficult, so it can make even an amateur choir sound rich and... continued

RadioMarch 20, 2013

The Choir, BBC Radio 3

Eric Whitacre – From Monteverdi to Whitacre

Eric Whitacre introduces a selection of choral music ranging from Monteverdi and Bach to 21st century classics, including his own music, sung by the Eric Whitacre Singers, and talks about what... continued

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