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Press: SRF Radio, NPO Radio 4, deVolkskrant, 8Weekly

February 28, 2023 at 1:19 pm UTC

Eric speaks to SRF Radio about the premiere of his new work ‘Time is a River’.

Listen on SRF Radio.

Eric joins Hans Haffmans from NPO Radio 4 to talk about ‘The Sacred Veil ahead of the performance with the Netherlands Radio Choir at the Concergebouw in Amsterdam.

Watch the conversation on NPO Radio 4.

He writes the kind of music that makes you remember why you started singing. ‘What he does is very sound-driven,’ says Woldberg. ‘He creates an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable as a singer – very dreamy, it always appeals to the ear. You can get into a kind of trance if you open yourself up to it.

Read the full article on deVolkskrant’s website.

“intriguing and beautifully performed”

Read the full review on 8Weekly’s website.


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