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Chicago Classical Music March 2011 – Eric Whitacre’s Paradise Lost Shadows and Wings

March 17, 2011 at 2:26 am UTC

“Having achieved the “classical” music world’s equivalency to rock star status (a totally cliché term, but descriptive nonetheless) with choral works like Lux Aurumque, Cloudburst, and Sleep, Mr. Whitacre could have taken the easy way out by simply turning out more lush and complex choral harmonies – and he may yet have more where that came from. But as it is for any true artist, satisfaction remains elusive, and the hunger to challenge personal creative limits is the invisible hand always pushing, prodding, and guiding into new territories. In this case he was led to musical theater, or, to cop a term he used when I spoke with him, “opera electronica,” an
impressive fusion of electronic and acoustic music throbbing with relentless, passionate, energy, and soaring with crystalline beauty.”

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