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Interview with Alternative Classical

June 22, 2022 at 10:50 am UTC

Eric speaks to Hannah Fiddy from Alternative Classical about people-pleasing, failing (and recovering), life lessons and the weight of composition within the classical tradition.

There’s something about the process of composition that when I find that quiet space, all the questions of ‘What is it? What does it want to be?’, by just being quiet and just listening and just being present, all of that falls away, and then the patterns become incredibly clear. I wish I could take that with me every moment of my daily life. It’s been a profound lesson and the image I have in my mind is that I’m just this sharp boulder in a river that’s been slowly polished year upon year.

I actually think it’s the reason I gravitated to composition. Even more than the joy of making something is that the discipline of composing is making me the person I’m supposed to be. I hope!

Read the full interview at AlternativeClassical.


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