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Review: Big Sing California, LA Times

July 29, 2018 at 10:03 am UTC

California’s largest mass sing – Big Sing California on Saturday July 21 – inspired thousands of singers across the state to join together in song.

Margaret Ecker wrote of her experience:

But what exactly comprised the awesomeness? I couldn’t stop thinking about it, trying to figure it out. To say that deep breathing calmed our frayed nerves doesn’t go far enough. Nor does it do justice to say that singing together is better than shouting at each other, though it surely is. Nor that beauty nurtures our better angels.

After days of pondering, this is what has come to me: Harmonizing with thousands of strangers was a deeply felt, primitive refresher course in community. We experienced, full force, the fundamental urge to just get along. We were reminded of our human obligation to ensure a safe space for singing, metaphorically and literally, all together.

Read the full article in the LA Times.


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