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June 09, 2013

Our Newest, Eldest VC Singer


Say hello to Mary, the newest member of The Virtual Choir, and the eldest: NINETY-SEVEN years old!

June 04, 2013

The Most Adorable Thing Ever


Singer Jessi Anne Hardin’s 5 year-old daughter wanted to join the Virtual Choir. She’s not quite ready, but she is adorable beyond words. Next year she’ll be in!

May 30, 2013

A Very Small Taste of VC4

Julie Gaulke cut together this video showing what just 16 Virtual Choir videos cut together sound like. Imagine how this will sound with thousands of voices!

May 20, 2013

VC4: Over 5,000 Singers Signed Up Already

In less than two days we’ve already got 17 countries represented in Virtual Choir 4. Astonishing.

Over 5,000 singers signed up in the first 36 hours, the first step in the process. We expect many more in the coming days. But the real... continued

April 22, 2013

Epic Djent Cover of Nox Aurumque

[youtube width=”640″ height=”430″]

Metal band Means End has made a spectacular cover of my Nox Aurumque. PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR FACE MELTED!

For reference, here’s the original. Bravo... continued

March 21, 2013

Final day of EWS Tour!

Today is our final day of concerts here in the US. It’s been a truly amazing week and we have performed in some stunning locations, including Strathmore Hall Washington, Boston Symphony Hall and the Kimmel Centre Philadelphia.

Check out the review from... continued

March 18, 2013

EWS US Tour Launches Tonight!

Can’t wait for the first performance of the Eric Whitacre Singer’s US Tour tonight! Join us at The Music Centre at Strathmore, Maryland at 20:00. If you can’t make it tonight, why don’t you come down to one of our other concerts later... continued

March 09, 2013

Virtual Choir 4 First Look at ACDA

OK, gang, here we go. This is an excerpt from Virtual Choir 4, taken from the middle of the piece. (This excerpt represents about one and a half minutes of the final four minute piece). We will read this excerpt as part of the session that I... continued

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