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Paradise Lost

Surrounded by anarchy and chaos, a tribe of young angels must face their destiny. The fate of the race depends on the courage of a brave few; those who dream of Paradise.

Paradise Lost is the stunning new musical creation from Grammy Award-winning composer Eric Whitacre. Fusing rich electronica, soaring vocals and breath-taking choreography, Paradise Lost will be the must-see theatrical experience of 2015.


Watch the trailer for the 2007 staged production.

  • Andrew

    I absolutely cannot wait to see Paradise Lost at Carnegie Hall this summer!! I saw it when it came to Northwestern University a few years ago, and remember being blown away. So excited to see it finally staged at Carnegie!

  • Rachel Blair

    I wish I could see it! Omgosh. The trailer pumps me up. I love it. The music is so cool. And What if is so catchy! ugh! Bring it back to Southern California Eric!!! Please!!!! haha,

  • Courtney Lea K

    Eeeeeee! This whole concert at Carnegie is going to be stunning, and even saying that isn't enough to explain how friggin awesome it's gonna be!

    Can't believe I'll actually be lucky enough to be apart of this with so many fantastic and wonderful people! And I actually get to me you! THE Eric Whitacre! …I'll try not to faint/scream/cry/all of the above. lol

  • Martin

    Just bought my Amtrak tickets – you're worth spending 500 dollars Mr. Whitacre! I'm VERY excited. Been to both the North Western University AND the Pasadena performances and they were so fantastic!

    Wonder what swag will be for sale… <3

  • Cyrene Houdini

    Im so sorry i missed it when they were in Pasadena 2007!

  • M VDW

    I cannot wait to be a part of this. Anyone else going to be singing in the "choir of angels?"

    • Ashley Primavera

      I am <3

    • Ash!

      I did! Wow, SO amazing.

  • Ann Marie

    I can't believe I just found this beautiful masterpiece last night. I'm a couple years late. If this could go on tour after amazing! I would give almost anything to see it performed!

  • Teresa Smith

    So excited!!! Never been to New York before, but my daughter and I are going to New York in a week to see Mr. Eric Whitacre! My daughter will be singing in Paradise Lost!!! This is going to be amazing!

  • Nse

    Please release Shadows and Wings for wind ensemble. Ever since I heard it at Midwest in 2008 I can't stop thinking about it. I would like to do it with my band next year. Shadows and Wings for wind ensemble please!

    • Elliott

      Don't forget orchestra!

      • Martin Rosales

        string quartet? :P

        • Miggy Torres

          Solo didgeridoo?

  • Jose Ignacio

    And when in Spain? I hope that soon you can release the Opera in Spain thanks,…you are good

  • Mike Bramnik

    I didn't hear about the June performance until it was far too late to arrange a trip to go see it… if this ever comes back to the Chicago area, I personally know close to a hundred people who would stand in line to see Paradise Lost, and that just by word of mouth.

    Just from the previews and the clips and teasers, I can already tell this is absolutely amazing!

  • sharon retz

    Powerful and I would love to see this production..

  • Laura

    I just want to say thank you for allowing my school to perform at carnegie hall with you in paradise lost: shadows and wings. I absolutely loved every minute of it, and hope to perform with you again in the future.

  • Benjamin DeShazo-Cou

    I am looking forward to an album release of this material. As an opera student and aspiring composer and perhaps someday choral director, I am excited, inspired, and geared up for more! I do hope that this will be produced all over the place, and you can always call me if you need a Lyric Baritone! I do hope to see this one day…hmmm…I might even be able to get my anime-loving, j-pop fanatic brother to appreciate my opera career because of this. :)

  • Kelly Jones

    Oh please, please, please tell me this is coming to Austin soon.

  • Dylan McCaulla

    So I know that I'm a little late to the Paradise Lost scene but WOW. This music is so good. I want a soundtrack so bad!

  • Ryan Stauffer

    Please tell me this is available for schools to do… My high school could pull this off and we would love to :)

  • Bill Tahaney

    I saw this at Carnegie Hall this summer. It was the most powerful music I had ever heard. Pure bliss.

  • Becca

    Cannot wait to perform in the choir for this in chicago! :)

  • Sharon Lee

    Still flying high from performing this yesterday. It's constantly stuck in my head, which I don't at all mind, since it's officially my new favorite musical… or opera… or techno… all of the above. Rodolfo and Damon somehow talked me into considering coming out to LA to repeat the experience….

  • Sasha White

    gosh! how wonderful! :) I would love to hear The Rage and You don't know him. :)

  • Logan Block

    I cannot not stop listening to this stuff. When are you going to do a full recording? Soon, please?!

  • Nikki Schilling

    Absolutely LOVE this musical. Especially the first one. It's SO powerful and interesting. A lot is going on, but not so much that it's overwhelming. And when the lead singer hits that high B PERFECTLY, I get chills!

  • Ty

    Eric, would you mind posting the opposite track to 'What If' I don't recall it's title but it exposes the plan to disobey etc…


    • Eric

      Ty, we don't have a mock-up of that one yet. (It's called "You Don't Know Him").

    • Warner Robinson

      It’s posted now!!

  • David

    So when can we buy the album? :-)

  • David Briguglio

    is paradise lost going to be sold as a manuscript to be performed by other groups after its performances have stopped?

  • Joseph Spence

    Question so is this going to be on broadway?? Or is the concert version the only medium now??

  • Ann Marie

    I saw it when it was in Chicago a few years ago and I've been dreaming of the day when the official recording will come out! I am a devoted fan of Eric's work for life, it is inspiration even when I don't believe I can be inspired anymore.

  • David Blotzki

    I just found this, but i have to say its magnificent.

    It makes me hate the fact that i live in Sweden and not in the U.S becouse id love to se that performance.

  • Celso


    I'll like to see live this music :)___

    By the way I can play the music—->

  • Jennifer Calhoun

    I was just wondering if the sheet music would be available for purchase anytime soon? I know that the electonica would make it very difficult, but I would really like to explore the possibility of singing Butterflies at my Senior Recital in the Fall. I know that the chances are dim, but I figured it was worth asking.


  • http://Camille Camille

    Hello Eric Whitacre,

    I just wanted to tell how much I was amazed by the beauty of "sleep" and also very inspired by the whole concept of having an internet choir.

    I live in France so I didn't hear about you until recently but I'm seventeen and I've been singing classical music for a while now… I wanted to know if you were planning on doing another song with the internet choir soon? If so, would it be possible to know when because I would love to join!

    Thank you very much,


  • Ben

    I would love to see this! Perhaps next time it makes it's way to the Northeast. Especially Philadelphia.

  • Melissa

    I was honestly blown away when I listened to these songs and I personally can't wait to have the opportunity to watch Paradise Lost! Maybe Paradise Lost will find its way to the Southeast coast hopefully!

  • SJ

    When will sheet music be available for this music? And if it already is, where can I find it?

  • Deb A

    Wow, I would SO love to see this performance! Hopefully you'll have the music out and available soon and I can be satisfied with that for the moment.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that someday there will be a performance in the Pacific NW that I'll be able to see. Incredible vision and story, Eric. Thank you!

  • Jesus Cudemus

    This work is, in one word: Epic.

    I so wish that I could be in L.A. in June…

    I'm really hoping this performance will be filmed — I'd buy the DVD in a second.

  • Madisen

    Two words: ROAD TRIP!

    I am so traveling to California to see this matserpiece <3

  • Marcus

    I seriously hate to be one of those fan-nags, but I am dying for this soundtrack- I’ve been singing your music since 2002, and I can honestly say it’s the only music to ever make me cry (kinda embarrassing when you’re singing it, lol). I just want it ASAP so I can choreograph dances to it (oh yeah I didn’t mention I was a dancer, or that I’ve choreographed a dance to Children of Paradise). But I just have to tell you how inspiring you’ve been for me. Thank you…

  • Elliott Walker





  • Chris

    I love listening to the demos and hearing how things were once upon a time and how they have changed over the years. I know all shows go through it… Saw it first in Chicago and then again in Boston Court and then again at Carnegie Hall. I love some of the changes but must admit I am not a fan of the brother\sister to lovers change. I hope that gets nixed and made right again. (As the return of some of the lush choral background! I remember so much more of it in Chicago… ALthough that was long ago and I have become that much older… Perhaps I don’t remember so well). Be strong Eric! Don’t go totally Broadway with it! (Just know though, I will come to see it however it ends up)

  • Patrick

    Hey Mr. Whitacre,
    About how long did it take you to complete this EPIC?! The music is so stunning! I was just wondering with all of this AMAZING themes, chords, and such, how long it took you to bring it to its current glory. Thanks in advance! – Patrick

  • Alejandro Wolfgang Espigares del Castillo

    Hi Eric,

    I love “Paradise lost”. I hope, one day, see it LIVE! . My favorite is “Bliss”. What instruments using you there¿?

    Thank you!

  • James

    Is this beautiful piece of work going anywhere now? I’d love to see it.

  • Gwen

    So, how’s that LP of this piece coming along, Eric?
    We know you just moved across The Pond, but can you offer what you have on SoundCloud for, like $10?
    I’d buy it. AND I’d by any “official” recording later!

  • David Purcell

    Just listened to the demos on the website. Love it. I will be attending your lecture this evening at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI. and looking forward to hearing your music live on friday, October 21, 2011

  • Jennifer

    Mr. Whitacre,

    Will this music or any of the other fantastic pieces in Paradise Lost be in print to buy anytime soon?



  • Gabriel Benesh

    I love your use of elongated sound. While reading through more of you choral works, it gives me a better idea of the way you work. I love your constitution to trying new things. Your music is a great display of you as a musician. I can only hope to see you someday in concert.
    Best wishes!

  • Alex Free

    Dear Mr. Whitacre,
    I kind of hate myself for not knowing of you earlier. I’ve totally missed out on the Virtual Choir and seeing this musical. Please send it to the west coast (U.S.) and I will find away to see it. Then I can die happy.

  • Connor

    LOVE IT!
    Will it be on iTunes soon?

  • Jeff

    PLEASE bring it to Denver, CO! :) We have a great theater district here and I bet it would do really well! Plus, I’m dying to see it! I can’t get enough of the soundtrack. Hopefully a CD will be release soon!

  • Ellen

    So I found this 2 nights ago, and I’ve been listening to it constantly since. Please, if this show or you for that matter ever come anywhere near Cincinnati, OH. Let me know. My friends and I are so in love with all of your work and we’d love to see you in person.

  • Aaron

    Mr. Eric Whitacre,

    I was wondering what the exact translation and meaning to Libertas Imperio. Its my favortite.=]


    • Eric

      Aaron, it’s something close to “freedom through strength.” Cheers!

  • Matt Bardin

    Mr. Whitacre,

    I feel a little behind the ball because I knew that you had written this, but I haven’t actually heard it until now. I was wondering, as I’m sure many have, about the possibility of making this into a soundtrack. I would just like to express my eagerness and desire to purchase it, as I really to enjoy your work.

    Many Thanks,

    • Talau

      I would be more than excited to be able to buy this as a CD as well! Also…I saw that this was inspired by an Anime/Manga….I have a guess as to which one that might be (if it’s true)….but would you mind confirming if its true/which anime/manga it was that inspired this? =)

      Thank you, Tal.

  • Mitch

    This would be massive in Phoenix Arizona. We have a very wide range of musical art. Do you have a newsletter about this so we can know when you go on tour again?

  • Nate


  • Dollie Krawzak

    Mr. Whitacre,
    I really wish I had discovered you and your music when all of this going on. I live in California, and as a musician, being exposed to your music has really inspired me. It pains me to know if I had been introduced to your work earlier, I could have seen this live and possibly even attended one of the Soaring Leap workshops. However, I still very much enjoy all of your works, and plan on conducting October for my school’s wind ensemble this coming concert season.
    Thank you for everything,

  • Marta Blázquez

    The choirs of Libertas Imperium, like gladiators or Roman Empire centuries are amazing!!!. Congratulations.

  • Sharon

    Wow! This looks… beyond words. And chance the soundtrack or a filming of the play will be for sale?

  • Hermione

    I can’t believe I missed this!! I listened to it in Summer when I was doing my A Levels and now I’m listening to it again to get me through College!! Absolutely amazing, this definitely has to be made into a soundtrack or film!

  • Andrew

    Are rights available for this musical?

  • Bethany

    I would do anything to watch this again!! I never took my eye’s off of the stage exspecially when I got to see you! I hope that I could meet you someday when your closer to ohio. :)

  • Autumn

    PLEASE PLEASE have another production of Paradise Lost! There are people here in NYC who would help fund it, no doubt!

    • Erika R

      I’m in NYC too. I SECOND THIS!

      • Elphie

        I’m in Michigan and I would fly to NYC just to see this!

  • Jeremy Harris

    I swear Mr. Whitacre, every time I listen to “Bliss” and “Children of Paradise” …just, wow. I had something very eloquent that I was going to say, but I am listening to “Bliss” (yet again) and words fail me.

  • musoka03

    No words. The marriage of techno/electronica/edm/trance whatever you wanna call it and choral music like that… I thought you were the best contemporary composer already but WOW. Falling in love all over again. Thank you for what you do, man keep doing it!!! Keep pushing boundaries, keep being creative, keep giving us chills, keep inspiring us! Keep giving us food for our vocal chords!!!

  • Jœy Røss González

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful and closest to celestial sounds I’ve heard in a while.

  • kamaakestad

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you tell us when the London Production will be happening? A general idea would be nice; planning a trip from the states!!!!!

  • Joyceline

    I want to do this again! The most fun I’ve had in my life :-)

  • Brynne Pulsipher

    This would be HUGE in Salt Lake City!! Please come!!!

  • joanna

    These are labelled as demos but are more amazing than most released electonica. Please release this soundtrack if at all possible!

  • Kelly

    Please bring this to Broadway…and hire me as your Stage Manager!

  • Eric

    I come back to this every few months. When will this be available to buy? I am a professional actor/musician and there is nothing out there like this.

  • JessicaCowper

    Hadn’t actually listened to all of these tracks before- listening to ‘Forgotten’ over and over- get chills every time they sing “and all he/she/they ever think(s) about”. This is incredible!!! Please bring it to the UK soon?

  • Jay Nelsestuen

    Wow… This is amazing… After listening to the whole thing I can now see where all of the musical material for VC4 comes from; not just Bliss, but also Forgotten, Close Your Eyes, and I’m sure there are other little spots, but those are the ones that stood out. Rock on, Eric!

  • Jesse VanDenKooy

    I have such an appreciation for this tremendous work now that I’ve begun experimenting with electronics in my music at CalArts! So incredible!

  • Jay Nelsestuen

    When can we expect a Paradise Lost movie???? :D

  • Daniel Tatar

    Just reading through the comments here – this show is extremely special to me, too, and is successful because of all of you supporting it! Can’t wait for the next incarnation, and love reading your notes in the tracks above! -Daniel (Fervio)

  • statespeaker

    As a music teacher and a fan of electronica music…this is amazing! Would love to arrange a marching show to this with the right sound equipment and of course the proper rights and permission ;)
    Keep it up Eric!

  • Pherepapha Cratylus

    What happened to the soundcloud tracks? :(

    • Esther

      More exciting news concerning Paradise Lost will be announced soon ;)

    • Esther

      More exciting news concerning Paradise Lost will be announced soon ;)

      • tufelkinder

        I’m excited to hear ANY news after waiting for so long!

        • Esther

          We will be sure to announce any developments here, so watch this space ;P

        • Esther

          We will be sure to announce any developments here, so watch this space ;P

  • Erika R

    so sad to see the soundcloud tracks are down. Would love to purchase them. Waiting (im)patiently to hear the news, and hoping i can get my hands on copies of the music soon.

  • Conanthesingerman
    • Conanthesingerman

      It isn’t everything but it is better than nothing!