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Commissioned by the Tallis Scholars to commemorate  their 40th anniversary.
First performed at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on March 7, 2013, conducted by Peter Phillips. SSATB.

Sheet music for SSATB available from Musicroom.

Original Latin poetry by Charles Anthony Silvestri:


An innocent girl
Entered the chapel;
And the angels in the glass
Softly sang,

“Hosanna in the highest!”

The innocent girl
“Holy! Holy! Holy!”

Light filled the chamber,
Many-coloured light;
She heard her voice

“Holy! Holy! Holy!”

Softly the angels sang,

“Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and earth are full
Of your glory!

Hosannah in the highest!
Hosannah in the highest!”

Her voice becomes light, And the light sings,

“Holy! Holy! Holy!”

The light sings softly,
“Lord God of Hosts,
Heaven and earth are full
Of your glory!”

Charles Anthony Silvestri

(Original Latin)

Virgo castissima
Advenit in capellam;
Et angeli in vitro
Molliter cantaverunt,

“Hosanna in excelsis!”

Illa castissima
“Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!”

Lux implevit spatium,
Multiformis colore;
Et audivit vocem suam

“Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!”
Molliter angeli cantaverunt,

“Dominus Deus sabaoth,
Pleni sunt coeli et terra
Gloria tua!
Hosanna in excelsis!
Hosanna in excelsis!”

Vox in lumen se transformat,
Et lumen canit,

“Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!”
Lumen canit molliter,

“Dominus Deus sabaoth,
Pleni sunt coeli et terra
Gloria tua!”

Virgo castissima
Advenit in capellam;
Et angeli in vitro
Molliter cantaverunt.

  • dr Marc van Grondelle

    I cant wait to hear this work. I am sure it will be vintage Whitacre: outstanding, uplifting, inspirational and excellent! Enjoy the premiere!

    Dr Marc van Grondelle

  • Bruce Mayhall Rastrelli

    Congratulations you two. Keep on doing it!

  • Dan

    Whitacre and Silvestri strike again!

    I read about this new piece on reddit this morning and immediately bought it on iTunes.

    Can’t. Stop. Listening.

    I think this is about my 20th time through–it gets more gorgeous and haunting each time. The text Charles wrote is so reverent and powerful.

    Eric–another masterful job of text painting… you captured the prismatic refraction of the light through the stained glass in Sainte-Chapelle perfectly. It’s like I’m there witnessing it myself. Goosebumps throughout… and at 04:38 I just melt.

    And of course I continue to be awed by the voices of the Tallis Scholars under Peter Phillips. I hope one day to hear them in person. Meanwhile their flawless recorded output will have to suffice!

    Thanks to you all for another jaw-dropping masterpiece.

  • Giovanni Cascio

    When will the sheet be available? Can’t wait!!

  • annemie

    i bought the piece on I-Tunes the moment it was written on this blog. But where can we buy the score? It’s so beautiful!!! An when will the score be available??? THANKS … i listen to it every evening on my MP3 in my bed before i go to sleep… it’s really giving peace!!

  • Hiranyagarba

    I don’t see any replies to the question of when the beautiful St. Chapelle sheet music will be available. Can someone reply to this questions? Many thanks.

    • annemie

      Hello, a few weeks ago i had the chance to speak to Peter Philips (The Tallis Scholars) and i asked him the question about the sheet music of Sainte-Chapelle. THe Tallis Scholars have a right on the music until the end of this year (december). So hopefully, the sheet music will be available in december.

  • Christopher Bendrell

    I just received scores in the mail, all the way from the UK, for an upcoming concert with my choir ( for a concert in our hometown of San Antonio, TX. To my knowledge, we will be the first choir other than the Tallis Scholars/Eric Whitacre Singers to perform it in the US. I must say, they are even more beautiful than I imagined.