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I’m not an atheist, but I’m not a Christian either, and for my entire career I have resisted setting texts that could be used in a liturgical context. After spending the 2010 Michelmas term in Cambridge (Sidney Sussex College), though, singing with Dr. David Skinner and his marvelous Chapel Choir, I began to see the deep wisdom in the liturgical service. I found myself suddenly open to the history and the beauty of the poetry, and it was the single word Alleluia, ‘praise God’, that most enchanted me. It seemed the perfect fit for the music of my wind symphony work October, which to me is a simple and humble meditation on the glory of Autumn.

Alleluia was written for Dr. David Skinner and the Sidney Sussex Chapel Choir; they premiered it in the Sidney Sussex Chapel, Cambridge University, on June 25th, 2011.

Available from all good retailers including Musicroom, Hal Leonard and J.W. Pepper.



  • Carolyn Eynon

    I love Alleluia, when and how may I purchase it in Sept, 2011?
    Keep writing, Eric
    Congrats on Cambridge!
    Carolyn Eynon Singers in Phoenix Az.

  • Zach Bailey

    I chuckled a bit when I read your comment “I’m not an atheist, but I’m not a Christian either,” because for as long as I’ve known your music, it has continually reached and spoken to me on a deeply spiritual level. You may be surprised to know just how many people have grown in their spiritual journeys – whatever religion or lack thereof may be – because of your work. That alone is a gift that remains unmatched in this world. Now, you’ve taken such a simple word and set it to an extant piece of yours that was already moving and evocative, creating a texture sheer beauty and absolute grace. Whether you know it or not, God is working through you to deliver unending peace to all who listen. Thank you, Eric. Many blessings upon you and your continued work in Cambridge and everywhere else your whole life long.

    • Eric

      Thank you, Zach – that means the world to me.

    • Maddy Simpson

      Amen, Zach. I get chills everytime I listen to a new one of his pieces. It makes me want to join my school choir because of its beauty.

  • Courtney Lea K.

    I know what piece I’m going to be asking our vocal directors at ISU to perform later this year or early next year! lol And knowing the entire music faculty are huge fans – it probably won’t take much begging on my part to convince them lol.

  • Alyssa Hendrix

    I just wanted to tell you: this made me cry *and* made my week all at the same time. This is how I’ve been hearing it in my head all this time anyway (as a choir geek) and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. As an atheist, I’d say: your music, good sir, is as close to the divine as I’ve ever come. Thanks for this.

  • Baker Purdon

    I started composing because of you. I even made it as far to interview at the Boston Conservatory, but decided to major in music education at home (The University of Kansas) to help guide people to the places I wanted to go.

    It is when I hear work like this that I remember how unbelievably skilled you are. The way you manipulate both range, texture, and harmony to create a tapestry of sound is astounding.

    You sir, are one of the prime examples of the beauty of music, and for that I thank you.

  • Amber Sazama

    I am continually touched and awed at your music. I am currently studying Music Education with an emphasis in Voice and I am so excited to pick music for my choirs. I feel like I could perform your pieces over and over!

  • Chandler Fadero


    I first came across your virtual choir about a year and a half ago, when a friend suggested that I research your work. I was a composer before but never found much enjoyment out of a choir- unaccompanied, anyway. After discovering Lux Aurumque, I believe that night I must have listened to it about five or six dozen times, each time shedding tears of beauty. To this day, I still do, with every one of your pieces.

    Upon discovering Alleluia, I contacted my choir director at my church, St. Matthews, and suggested that the choir sing this and Lux Aurumque for the midnight mass in December for Christmas. She wholeheartedly agreed, and better yet, allowed me to be the conductor. I was enthralled by the idea, and I honestly think conducting your music will be the proudest moment of my life so far.

    Thank you Eric, and continue to create music that will inspire others throughout the world for years and years to come.


    • Jon Le


      Like many who have already posted comments above, I, too, am awe-struck at such inspired writing, but a little heart-broken because the print won’t be available until Spring 2012. I would love to perform this at our Christmas Eve / Day services. Would there be any possibility for an earlier release?? Alternatively, would an e-download purchase option be available?

      Many thanks!

      • Eric

        Jon, I’m afraid not – won’t be able to release it until April/May at the earliest. My apologies!

  • Cassidy

    This was the choral version of the October written for Chamber orchestra and chimes, right? My orchestra won state last year with October, but I like the choral version way better then the orchestrated version.

  • michael J welten

    I remember playing this song in band my sophomore year of high school and I loved it. Absolutely gorgeous and now it is a part of the choral world which I am am even more excited about! =D

  • Cristiane Jones

    Eric, I agree with the comment by Zack Bailey, your music has touched me and other I know in amazing ways. I did your “I Thank You God For Most This Amazing Day” in the recital for my Master’s Degree. That song still inspires me. You might not know but I am sure God uses you to touch many lives in different ways. Your music has a touch of what I call heavenly music. A couple years ago I went to Denver, CO and heard a choir singing under your direction, that was an incredible experience. Musically speaking I don’t have any words to describe your music, it is just great. But more than that, the feeling of grace and peace that your music brings is something that makes you different and special! May God bless you in all your accomplishments and may your music touch many lives wherever you go.

  • Colleen Gilboy

    We are looking to purchase “Alleluia” for SATB choir as soon as possible, but haven’t been able to find it yet.
    Can you please give some direction on when/where to purchase?

  • José Clavell


    Because of you I started to compose. You have truly been an inspiration to me, to become a better musician, composer and finally to pursue my dreams of being a Choral Conductor. Your pieces are as inspiring you can see how humble you are in all of this. Because of you I shook of the fear of studying abroad (I live in Puerto Rico and I want to study a Master’s in FSU.) Thank you for everything. May God Bless you and your family.

    José Clavell
    Undergrad Student from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

  • Alex Noe

    I love all of your pieces to start. This one though by far gives my chills whenever i hear it. It is just such a beautifully composed piece and i can’t wait until the full version comes out. The diversity in your music is just wonderful. As i go off to college next year i can only hope that i will have the chance to preform this song sometime in the future, keep up the amazing work!

    Alex Noe
    Senior at Waukesha North High school

  • Jerry Merkel

    Eric, this is trully something. It stirs something in me every time I listen. It’s funny because it’s so magical. I always wonder, what the emotional aspect of music is. Whenever I pound on the piano for a chord, and just listen to the beauty of it, I picture angels voices, not something qunatifiable to over analyze it mathematically or scientifically. It’s something I;ve always searched for, and when I go to capture it, it vanishes, like magic. But you, Eric, capture it. And make it the best it could possibly be! It is literately the best thing I can imagine, as a talent or beauty, because I don’t cry or get emotional often. But you know how to catpure and make an art out of this, with work, but skill and talent and knowing as well. I didn’t understand music until I did Seussical in eighth grade, and when I sang my first note, it was like I saw in real color. And the whole world was open to me, just like your story Eric, and it was funny because I get music, and understand, and can listen and interpret beauty. This music is so pure and perfect, too many words to describe it. I do want to cry when I hear this, it shows me how good I’ve got it in life. To think I found you googling “amazing choir songs” one year ago, and now I know all of your songs, and try to write songs too, haha.
    Thank you, and please keep writing until you cannot anymore, please!

    Jerry Merkel
    Junior at Brewster High, NY

  • Zachary J. Moore

    Well Mr. Whitacre this song is absolutely fantastic and do you know why I know this? Not because of the beautiful chords and dissonance you have put in heart wrenching spots. Not because of the outstanding polyphonic voice leading you have put into this work. And not because of the soaring soprano lines that give me an uplifting angelic sensation. The reason is because I was listening to it while typing a paper and the song stop early and I freaked out because I thought I did something when I realized, ” Wait a tick, Eric Whitacre, if you stopped that song early because it’s not out yet you are more evil than you think” (in a joking fashion :) ) Long story short because you stopped that song early you left me wanting more which is why I know this song is absolutely beautiful. I know you hear this from everyone but congrats on this fantastic piece you have composed I love it.

  • Andrew

    Eric –

    As a beginner composer myself, i have been studying your work fervently, trying to work out how to compose for choir, and how to get that stunning shimmering quality you seem to create so effortlessly. long story short, i can’t do it. your talent for making the most ordinary words shimmer is this soundworld of what seems to me like golden dust is just simply magnificent. And i hope nobody figures it out to be honest, because when i hear those shimmers and glistens i want to smile and say instantly ‘that’s got to be an eric whitacre peice.’

    Even a word as utterly ”unchoirable” like ‘Ew’ in the Eel seems to be it’s own tiny love story. Do me a huge favour Eric and Cherish every single one of those chords. (especially the one at the end of Larov… Oh My God!!)

  • Jarrod Hendricks

    Mr. Whitacre,

    I really have a deep appreciation for your music. Being a person of great faith, your music has the holy spirit moving through each note. You can call it a warm fuzzy feeling, the golden proportion, or even setting off your G.B.I. (Goose bump indicator). :) When you began to see the deep wisdom of the text, the holy spirit was prompting you. Those promptings are a message for the people who partake in music and people around the world. I would like to make friendly suggestion, this should piece should be sung by Virtual Choir 3. As a high school choir director in Missouri your music is an inspiration to my students and I. Thank you for wonderful work that you do. I can’t wait to hear “Alleluia” in its entirety.

    Many Blessings,

    Jarrod Hendricks

  • Flora Bradshaw

    Mr Whitacre,

    This is absolutely beautiful, the soprano solo is simply breathtaking and really adds to how the piece touches the heavens. I am only 15, but I have a real passion for choral music and I have sung “Lux Aurumque” in my school choir. I can’t wait until I can buy this and show my choir director as I think is is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work, you’re an inspiration to young composers like myself!

    Kind regards,

    Flora Bradshaw

  • Justin Zang

    This sound so amazing! I first heard October at All-State my sophomore year of High School, and was instantly hooked on your music. I don’t know if you remember me, but I sang with you last April at Avery Fisher Hall, and we spoke briefly at the following reception. Your music never ceases to amaze me and always brings such a refreshing feeling to my views of choral music. I’m so happy to have such amazing music like yours to perform and conduct. So much that I’m conducting “Sleep” this spring in a Lecture Recital Choir that I have put together. Please! Never stop writing music, because you are truly a beacon of light if a sea of grey Eric! Thank you so much for your contributions to the musical world, and I hope one day that I can sing with you again!


    Justin Zang

  • Jordan Adams

    I performed the piece “October” my junior year of high school. The piece is one of my favorites, because it does speak so well to the glory of Autumn. I just happened to click on the video for “Alleluia” and was brought to tears when I recognized the melody of “October”. This short video gave me chills; I am so eager for the full release. Through your work, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for choral work and am so grateful for the music you create. It has helped me to move through some tough times in my life. While I am also not particularly religious, I am spiritual and there is something about your pieces which reach deeply into the souls of humans. Again, for that, I am grateful. Blessed be.


  • Raz

    This should be featured for any of the future EWVC projects…I already like how it sounds!!!

  • Jessie

    This is piece is fantastic! I love every aspect of it! But I was just wondering why you made it exactly like the Orchestra piece October? Not to offend, you don’t understand how many times this pieces has brought me closer to my spirituality than going to church, but I was just wondering (:

  • Kenneth Starr

    This is pure beauty. The first time listening to it, the tears just flowed. The reverb of the church setting perfectly accents the beauty of the chords. That moment the chord hangs in the air, is pure peace.

  • Themba

    Mr Whitacre, i have to admit you have done it again. This piece is absolutely beautiful. I’m a HUGE fan of your music. And for me, and in fact a lot of my peers as young musicians to listen to a piece like this, and others like October and Nox Aurumque, it is really inspiring. Also specifically for me, as a chorister, hearing amazing choirs singing this amazing music is truly, well… Amazing!! I was just wondering though, if there is possibly a tour of Southern Africa somewhere in your schedule. I have been dying to see a live performance, and I’m sure there is also a multitude of your supporters that feel the same way yet haven’t had the opportunity to.

  • The Brit

    I had a really tough day. It’s 4:00am and I’m contemplating my future…job…family…life purpose. I just listened to ‘Alleluia’. I really needed to hear this song today. In a brief moment, my thoughts shifted from my daunting present because of the inspired majesty and amalgamation of notes in ‘Alleluia’. Eric, I have sung in choral ensembles in both Canada and the U.S. and hope to share a note or two with you someday. Thank you for lending your spectacular, yet humble gift, with the world. Clearly, you were chosen for this moment in time. From one music lover to another, STAY YOUR COURSE, and thank you.

  • Anjanette

    Will there be recording of this piece soon?

  • Lydia J

    Eric, when are you going to premiere this piece in the UK? My choir (Northamptonshire County Youth Choir) are singing this at the moment and I have truly fallen in love with it! I really want to hear it live, especially as I can’t go to the London concert on Feb 1st which has made me very sad!

    You are a genius of a composer and I have cried at so many of your works as they are like something from heaven. Alleluia is possibly your best yet as I love the simplicity of the lyrics and the beautiful soprano solo at the beginning. Keep writing such great works!

    • Eric

      Lydia, sadly, we will be performing it on our Feb. 1st concert! If I may ask, are you singing MY Alleluia with the Northhamptonshire Youth Choir?

  • Lydia J

    Yes we are singing your Alleluia! Really can’t wait until you release the recording of it as we only have two short clips on YouTube to go by at the moment! We never perform in a concert without singing at least one of your pieces.

  • annemie

    dear Eric,

    This is so beautiful!!! I hope that the first concert next month will be a great succes!
    I’ve got a gift-cheque from my niece so I could buy the scores of new editions of your music and I’ll hope I can buy the cd (signed again ?) in your webshop!!!! Can’t wait untill it’s here!!!


  • Ryan Capozzo

    Dear Eric,

    You’re cool.

    Ryan Capozzo

    ( I hope that I made you laugh )

  • Karol Gacek

    I am absolutely in love with this piece..and well..I’m in love with your work. I requested to my choir director that we do one of your pieces in the choir I’m in currently, because I’ve heard the other choir at my school doing your other pieces like Lux Aurumque and Sleep, and I’ve fallen in love with those pieces the first time I heard them. So I bugged my director to have us do one of your pieces even though I’m in an all women’s choir. We are now doing The Seal Lullaby and it sounds great! Anyways, I just wanted to say how much I love your work, and I’m only 17. And it’s funny, because I love this music as much as I love my heavy metal. You’re just simply incredible.

  • Bethany

    This is sooooooo from October! :3 I love this! :) My band played October on my junior year & got a 1!!!! If it wasn’t for my band director being obsessed with you in your music then I wouldn’t know anything about you because I was in the band/choir room for 6/8 of my classes…haha But anyways VERY pretty! & I also LOVED Paradise Lost: Shadow & Wings! I went and saw it in CA back on June 25th I will never forget that day! <3 I hope to watch more of your musical theaters in the near future

  • Brady Allred

    I have been fortunate to be a part of Bakersfield College Chamber Singers, as a Tenor 1, under the direction of Ron Kean. I believe you know him. While there, I sang Sleep, Lux Arumque, Hebrew Love Songs, and A Boy and A Girl. Then I went to BYU-I and sang with the collegiate singers under Randall Kempton where we sang A Little Man in a Hurry but I first got my taste of your music with October when I played trumpet in High School. Your music confounds me but the choral version of “October” is the piece that I’m looking forward to the most. And one more thing, Little Man in a Hurry… How? I mean… we were presented with that piece and I didn’t believe that it could ever be done and that it was a short coming in your phenomenal repertoire but then it clicked and it became one of my favorite songs you’ve ever written. Thank you for what you do! Your music heals and comforts me whenever something goes wrong. I’m so grateful just to be able to sing your music. Thank you!!

    Brady Allred

  • Natalie Walters

    Eric – In 2002 contacted you to do a commission project on behalf of my students. Their classmate and my first chair flautist was tragically run over while doing a community service on a school – adopted road, a spring clean up project. We exchanged pleasantries – you were busy with your opera and respectfully pointed me towards Jonathan Newman. The project never transpired – my students felt the only piece that described the essence of their fallen classmate was “October,” and we played it at her funeral and again at our end of the year concert. How fitting to hear this for voices! I have posted this on my Facebook page, and many students have found great connection with the vocal scoring. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart on on behalf of my former students whom all believe this piece to be more etherial and spiritual than most might. Please consider me a true promoter of your works as an educator, but also as a musician. :) I hope you will consider this work for Virtual Choir 4.0…

  • Louisa F.

    I had to laugh when I read your comment about being atheist, because I was raised Baptist, converted to Judaism in my 20s, and in my 50s have evolved into atheism, but I am still actively working on composing a Requiem Mass, in Latin. It’s all good.

  • Natalie

    So you should come and do a concert in dayton OH. I love your music and your group is spectacular. I can’t wait till your CD comes out :) ….I keep telling my choral director that we need to sing one of your songs….great work

  • Anika Goslen

    Mr. Whitacre,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful song! Even though there are only two words in the song, there is so much meaning there. My grandfather passed away recently, and my family has been through a lot of other trials in the past few months. This song has been such an encouragement for me through this time. The words ‘praise, praise, praise’ echo throughout all the dissonance and beauty in this piece, and it reminds me of 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Thank you so much for this song!

  • Rachel

    So so so beautiful! Will this be available to order soon? My choir is going on a tour in Europe in late May and I hope we can sing this!

    • Paul

      The score was recently published by Chester Music. You can find it online and buy it.

  • Jonathan Mark


    Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of music, it is such an inspiration for me. I hope to use it for my choir’s caroling this year ( if I can somehow get my hands on this piece) because it is so poignant and beautiful. Though you may not be Christian, God is working through you and has touched you in a special way, just as you have touched many others. And by the way, thank you for the wonderful experience of the virtual choir, I am glad to be a part of it.

    Jonathan Mark

  • Jennifer Moffitt

    Hey Eric,
    As discussed at your CD signing at NYC, here’s hoping we do this next year at Carnegie. Going to buy it for the cathedral as soon as it is in print (and I pay taxes…). Thanks for adding the liturgical stuff since we can’t do the secular pieces at the cathedral. This one is sublime.

  • Justin

    This is probably, one of the most moving pieces I have listened in a long time. It’s so beautiful and I just love it; so much. <33

  • Justin

    My friend 2 friends (1 alto and the other soprano) my friend from Virginia ( who is a beast tenor) and I had the “october” score in front of us and we sang this, on a “Ooh”. we were all in tears by the end. this has to be my favorite piece of choral music. ever <3

  • Michelle Taylor

    I discovered your music in college after shocking making the top choir at the University. (I was an instrumental music education major) I added Vocal music ed to my degree because of your work. Seriously. The first song I sung was Water Night. It quite possibly was the most beautiful song I’d ever sung in my life. I teach high school choir in St. Louis, Missouri, and my students LOVE your work. They hate the work they have to put into it, but they all say it’s worth it at the end. Your music pulled me from a deep depression. It drove me to push myself to be a better musician. Thank you for being my all time favorite composer. The music you create is unreal, and sometimes seems fake that’s how good it is. I hope you make music until you take your last breath. Thank you for what you give to music lovers.

  • Aaron

    I heard this on the radio the other day. “October” is a beautiful piece and the transcription works great, of course, but I hate the use of the word “alleluia” and the re-titling. It just feels like a convenient singable word not used for its real meaning. As an instrumentalist, I have no problem with abstract music that isn’t “about” anything, but a work titled “October” does seem to be about something and a work titled “Alleluia” seems to be about something totally different. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it really bothered me. To me, it cheapens both works and the word “alleluia.” Why not just use abstract sounds (oo, la, etc), or better yet, commission someone to write text that does have meaning?

  • Violette

    for me, the word alleluia is many things, because it is a word that praises! Praise God, the world and everything. as well as also serves as a prayer, to praise the fact that you and I can enjoy so many beautiful things and especially the works of art created by Mr. Whitacre. I only say it to emphasize my opinion … do not be angry;) Live happily!

  • John

    Hello, Eric,

    I’m a student musician-composer, and I just wanted to say that I very much like your Alleluia. It’s so beautiful!

    I’m a big listener to sacred choral music and Christian chant of all types, and I just love the reoccurrence of the word Alleluia. As is the case with you (based on what you said), it really affects me more than any other word in the liturgy.

  • Nancy

    I was so pleased to see and hear this newest work. It is as beautiful as I’d imagined it would be. As one whose life work as a musician has been in the local parish/church, I had used your “Lux Aurumque” but was sad there wasn’t more writing from your pen and heart that could be used in liturgical settings. The older singers in my most recent choir had not heard of you, but all the younger singers were ecstatic to sing a Whitacre piece as part of the liturgy. I hope you will continue to compose settings for more of these liturgical texts, phrases, and words.

  • wasis

    I love this song..
    I really love this song..
    I want to sing and learn it..
    where I can get buy this score?

  • Lauren Crandell

    Dear Mr. Whitacre,
    I am a student in high-school. My choir director mentioned you during class one day, she even showed us a clip of your virtual choirs. She used your song, ‘A Boy and a Girl’ as an example of perfect story telling. She told us how proud she was that one year you selected three students from out school to be a part of your international virtual choir. She told us how you were her favorite composer. Later she gave songs that you had written for us to sing. I have been in choir for four years. Over those years I have felt, once or twice, while singing, that everything was perfect. No one messed up, no one sang with anything less than their full heart, and in those moments, with our voices souring, I felt like we were flying. I felt like there could be nothing so perfect. I’m writing this because I know that those here understand how this feels, and because I wanted you to know that the songs that made us fly were composed by you. You have a gift. You have the ability to give people wings and turn them into something more than themselves. Your music creates angels. I hope one day, to have the honor of singing with you, it is one of my dreams.

  • Matt Bardin

    I think that This would make a wonderful Virtual choir piece.

  • Hilde

    When pure beauty reveals as in your music, the inspiration to write it, the art to perform it, and the feelings transmitted when shared are something godly – so uplifting that nothing else exsist for the moment. Thank you Eric!

  • dave haberle

    You say you are not Christian but clearly, the ability to craft such wondrous, soaring music in praise of the Almighty truly is a gift from Him.

  • Tedric

    I just wanted to say sir, that your music is a gift of GOD and is tremendously a blessing to the soul. It’s pure, rich and moving. The first time I heard Water Night, my soul was moved. I cannot explain how much it touched my heart. But I could feel the amount of Gods loves is in your music. Please CONTINUE what you’re doing!

  • swingly sondak

    Dear Sir,

    Want to perform your work “Alleluia” in Indonesia…

    Where i can get it?

    Best, regard

  • Catherine Sanders

    Hi Eric Whitacre,
    I am such a fan of your musical work! I am completely obsessed with your stuff and music itself! When I first heard about you on YouTube I couldn’t stop listening to your music an the accapella choirs! I am a huge choir geek myself, I am a first soprano! I sing with my church choir and we go around the world on mission tours! I also play the piano and French horn!
    Thank you SOOO much got inspiring me with singing and music! You don’t know how much you mean to me! You an Hila Plittman are my 2 heros

  • James Governale

    Thank you so much for writing this! I can tell that you poured your entire self into this song. It’s my favorite song by yours, along with “Sleep” and “When David Heard”. I find myself sitting in awe every time I hear them. I have a habit of analyzing every song I hear, and my mind goes on overload with your compositions. I love it so much. Never quit writing! You have such an amazing musical mind. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    May the peace of Christ always be with you and your family.


  • Mary Colligan

    You know how amazing you are! And how influential you are in both band and choir. As a new music teacher just getting into the world, I’m curious as to whether you had band and choir combined when you wrote the choral setting of this. I know I personally would love to have a band and choir someday that could handle music of this caliber!

  • John Brewer


    I’ve just been listening to the Alleluia and I must echo the sentiments of Zach Bailey from Oct 30, 2011. I wonder how many liturgical composers down through the ages had their differing beliefs yet enriched our lives and spirits with their beautiful music. Yours will certainly fit with anyone’s great works. I am so looking forward to VC 4.0. Also, you have been instrumental, or rather vocal, or perhaps you have chorales me into composing again, after many years of neglect, despite years of study at North Texas. Thank you for your life work and your enthusiasm for choral music! Many blessings to you and Hila!
    Oh yeah, alleluia is Hebrew. Non-Christians use it all the time. So, you’re safe there. Shalom!

  • Alex Light


    This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve heard this song. Just like everything you do it is amazing. I am blown away when I hear your music. October is one of my favorites that you do. It was actually my inspiration to want to major in music education. In the fall I will be attending Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA to major in music education. And I just want to say thank you for writing such beautiful music. When I was a sophomore we played October in my school’s symphonic band and EVERYTIME we played it I got chills. Up to the point that I heard October I never really thought of pursuing a career in music. But then I heard what you could do with the notes on the page. Your music opened my eyes to what music really could be. And now I plan to go on and help other people have an appreciation about music just like you, me, and millions of others across the globe. So, again, thank you for your amazing contribution to music. It has touched so many lives, including mine.


  • Josh Smith

    I pray that your heart opens to the Holy Spirit and you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Every piece that you have written is absolutely beautiful. This VC4 experience has been a wonderful experience. Thank you.

  • Nicola Klein

    Hello Eric Whitacre,
    I don’t know if you will read this, but I just have to say that singing your music has made me appreciate choral music much more than I had before. I’ve sang a few of your songs in my high school choir: Lux Aurumque, The Seal Lullaby and A Boy and a Girl to name a few, but this piece, Alleluia, has become my favourite song to date. I absolutely love the way it is written, and as much as I love October, I find that for me, the medium of voice has really brought this piece to its full beauty. Voice somehow brings that irreplaceable quality to music that I had never noticed until I had sang some of your pieces. In fact, my music teacher actually was one of the first teachers in North America to order a bunch of copies of this piece, and even before the entirety of the piece was released, we were singing the first two pages that were available as a sample in vocal class. I was fairly disappointed to find out that we would not perform this piece this year, because we didn’t have enough time to practice it, and it is my last year in high school. However, I hope to one day sing the soprano solo line for this piece, as I find it breathtaking. Please consider this piece for a future virtual choir!
    Thank you, Nicola Klein

  • Courtney

    I hope you know how many lives you’ve touched Eric. It doesn’t matter whether you’re religious or not, I believe our great God has blessed everyone with talents and gifts to bless and touch the lives of others. I’m very glad that you have used your gifts to accomplish so much good. It does unite everyone, no matter their circumstances. People need a little piece of heaven in their lives, and I believe your music has helped with that, so Thank You.

  • Brian Baumgarn

    I agree so much with Courtney. I first heard Eric’s “A Boy and a Girl” at my daughter’s spring choir concert where she is at college. It made me an emotional wreck. The gentleman sitting behind me reached forward, tears running off his cheeks and said I think this music has the same affect on you that it has on me! Quite by chance I was surfing YouTube and spotted “October” and from the first chords I knew I had rediscovered the composer of that piece that caused such a catharsis in me earlier. Now I listen to some of Eric’s music everyday. And, Courtney, if you ever visit this site again I have been doing my Bible readings and my readings from my recovery books in AA, too. Listen and meditate, that is what I do. Yes, Courtney, this music and these talents that Eric has just have to come from a great God! I just love the music community that Eric has sprouted up around the world. Isn’t inspiring in these times.

    • brian baumgarn

      I need to edit my own message. Isn’t it inspiring in these times, that Eric’s music and the love of it have sprouted up a worldwide community of singers and music lovers

  • Felipe

    God, it just changed my life…

  • Swordofspirit

    It loses all meaning when you are singing ‘Let us praise the Lord’, but then state it wasn’t directed to God. Beautiful music, but whats the point if the music is not coming from ones heart and directed to God?

  • Swordofspirit

    You have an amazing talent given to you from God, it would be more perfect if it was presented to give glory to God

    • russedav

      “More perfect” is an oxymoron for God as He unerringly directs Eric’s great choice gifts, especially himself & his great heart. Don’t push it. If you want to be personal and kind to Eric in a winsome way to convince him of this, fine, but God moves in mysterious ways and doesn’t need me or you or our help to bring order to Eric giving Him glory, indeed we can wind up having God oppose and punish us if we interfere with His bringing Eric to Himself. Eric has so many God fingerprints on Him the glory is more than palpable, e.g. his Alleluia from his heart as one of God’s choicest vessels

  • brian baumgarn

    I agree with russedav. Being Christian, we can’t force Christianity or expressions of faith on anyone else. The Spirit of a Living God does this anyway. I choose to think that Eric has a devout “God consciousness” which is reflected in much of his music. I know a couple Christian recording artists that feel the same way Eric does about not wanting their music to fall into a liturgical mode, so they write what they feel. I believe, never having met the man, that Eric has a deep abiding faith and how he expresses that personally doesn’t concern me at all. I remember reading a comment, I believe, on Youtube, where a man had listened to “Alleluia” and said, he always considered himself atheist/agnostic and said now…..”I am having this music played at my funeral.” You are right russedav, I prefer to seek a deep relationship with my God, knowing his truths, and letting his mysteries reveal themselves to me, in his time.